Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

From body wash, to beard lube, to shampoo and soap, Jack Black offers a wonderful assortment of men’s bath, body, and skincare products!

Shampoo + Conditioner: $32

Turbo Wash: 10oz – $23

Turbo Body Spray: $32

These bottle openers are made from beautiful cedar and inlaid with your choice of a deer head or the state of MS. Dad is sure to love this unique, industrial gift!

Wooden Bottle Opener: $20

These leather journals make a great gift for anyone who loves to write and be creative! Each one has thick unlined paper inside and is equipped with an elastic band on the bottom to hold everything in place. Each comes with a unique inspirational quote on the cover.

Size: 7″  x 10″

Leather Journal: $44

These crystal-clear ice spheres chill faster, dilute less and last longer than regular cubes can! They can be filled with citrus fruit slices, herbs, or juice for added flavor – a great gift for Dad!

Black Ice Sphere Molds: $17

Pamper your father with a beautiful 5 piece bar set. This sleek modern bar set makes for a show stopping piece to add to his bar.

Marbella 5 Piece Bar Set: $109

Happy Father’s Day!


Now that we are one month into the new year, it’s the perfect time to get your house on the market, and more importantly, get it sold!
Having your house professionally staged is an essential part of the process because first impressions will have a lasting effect on potential buyers.

Many people have difficulty envisioning what an empty space could look like when furnished, and therefore cannot work well with a blank canvas. Staging helps turn a house into a home while showing the full potential that the space can have. This is achieved by choosing the correct pieces of furniture and decor that create an effortless flow and functionality in the space.

Buyers like to see a clean and simple layout, so avoiding clutter and overwhelming decor is key in the staging process. This allows for the house itself to be the focus, while the furnishings take a supporting role. A home that is poorly staged or filled with outdated pieces is just as bad as a home that hasn’t been staged at all. This is where bringing in a professional can make all the difference!

Another key element to pay attention to when staging your home is the aroma throughout the property. This can be done easily by having diffusers out or candles lit, windows opened for fresh air, and by making sure all trash cans have been emptied.

People also love to see a space that has a fresh and natural vibe, so prepare a vase of flowers or a leafy potted plant or two to set up around the house. This is a simple finishing touch to make buyers feel welcome and appreciated upon entering your home!


With the start of 2019 comes the updated and fresh interior styles that everyone’s dying to hear about. Here are some design trends to expect in the new year –

Smaller Scale Furniture –  According to the most recent Maison & Objet trade fair in Paris, people are moving away from heavy, bulky furniture pieces and going towards more of a Scandinavian inspired, minimalistic aesthetic. This will give a clean and sophisticated look to your space.

Sustainable Materials – For the year 2019, it is predicted that consumers will want more sustainable and organic materials in their homes. Having natural materials that benefit the environment is something that the majority of the population now values. These materials include natural woods for furniture, and jute for rugs. Doing away with plastic, along with the desire for better quality is the direction we are heading in this year.  

Pantone Color of the Year – While 2018 was primarily focused on neutral colors and the over use of grey, 2019 will embrace bright and vibrant color palettes. This is shown by the announced Pantone color of the year: “Living Coral”. This color is inspired by the energy and vibrant hues of the coral reef. While it will be used to create a warm and welcoming feeling in your home, “Living Coral” is also meant to bring awareness to the beauty and importance of our oceans and marine life.

Light Wood Flooring – Lighter wood floors make for an open and airy feel to a space. This is perfect for open floor plan designs in homes and commercial spaces as well. Shades such as birch, ash, and light oak are amoung the choices of light colored woods, whereas shades like cherry are on the decline.

Tropical & Floral Prints – As already mentioned above, 2019 is headed towards economic sustainability and awareness, which also means the hightened use of botanical prints throughout design. Whether it be wallpaper, fabrics, or throw pillows, people are wanting anything that brings the natural look and organic feel of decor in their homes. Bringing more energy and life into a space is going to be a huge trend this year – a trend that is not only for aesthetics, but for the improvement of our lifestyle and well being.

Floral wallpaper