Design Tips for a Peaceful Home Environment

Step into a sanctuary of tranquility every time you walk through your front door. Your home should be an oasis where stress and worry melt away, allowing you to recharge and rejuvenate. However, if your living space feels anything but peaceful, it’s time to restore the balance. The impact of stress and anxiety on our well-being cannot be underestimated, making it crucial to transform your home into a haven of serenity. Imagine a place that rivals the most luxurious vacation spots in terms of pure relaxation. With the power of science-backed design tips, you can create the ultimate peaceful home environment. Say goodbye to chaos and embrace a new era of blissful living right at home.

Declutter and Destash


Before we jump into design and decorating tips, we have to declutter and destash. No peaceful paint color or wallpaper pattern in the world will help bring peace and serenity to your home when they are surrounded by clutter. Even if you consider yourself a maximalist when it comes to decorating–clutter and junky are never a good look. Grab trash bags, invest in some organizational accessories like containers and shelving, and spend a couple of weekends getting rid of junk and finding a proper storage space for everything else. 

Think of Each Room’s Role

No bucket of paint or roll of wallpaper should be purchased before deciding the role of each room you are decorating. For instance, a family room should be lighter and brighter than, say, your primary bedroom. It’s the place where the family comes together, so it makes sense that this room feels warm, inviting, and even fun. 

Balanced Blend of Color, Pattern, and Texture

It’s hard to create a calm, peaceful environment when the walls practically scream at you. The most calming spaces are painted with one or two muted colors that are paired with a pattern that’s casually repeated throughout the space. Shades of blue and green emit calming, peaceful, trusting emotions. Colors associated with happy memories can also work well for a serene effect. Think of a quiet place in nature, like a sunny meadow. Those are the colors you should try to recreate in your home. 

Though bold patterns can be a lot of fun, you don’t want to go overboard with them. Casually repeating patterns among your muted colors is the best way to achieve a sense of balance in your wall design. Adding the right textures throughout your space helps achieve the sense of balance your home craves. Think silky, white textiles to add elegance to a bedroom or a piece of wicker or rattan furniture to your dining room or office to bring a piece of nature indoors.

Plant Power

When we want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often escape to our favorite nature trail or somewhere near a lake or river. That’s because nature has restorative qualities you can’t find in a bottle of vitamins or at a day spa. Stay connected to nature by adding plants throughout your home. Plants help eliminate toxins and make way for the home to re-oxygenate–meaning you can literally breathe easier. If you don’t have a green thumb, go with parlor palms or snake plants for easy, low maintenance.

Add a Place to Rock

A place to rock - modern rocking chairs on quiet porch

No, we’re not referring to a room for jamming your favorite music–although having a space to enjoy your favorite hobbies is essential for enjoying your living space. By a place to rock, we mean a place for a rocking chair! From birth, we are rocked back and forth to soothe us. That rocking motion carries throughout a lifetime to serve as a way to self-soothe. Your rocking chair might be in a reading nook you’ve created somewhere inside the home or on your favorite corner of your porch. The choice is up to you–but we highly recommend creating a place to rock somewhere at your abode. 

Make the Most of the Great (or Small) Outdoors Space

Great or Small Outdoor Space - patio chairs and coffee table, accent table

One study found that simply walking outside can be enough to restore your physical and mental energy. Even if you live in an apartment or condo and your only outdoor space is a small porch or balcony, make the most of it. Make it functional by adding furniture, lighting, plants, and maybe a small grill if you enjoy cooking and entertaining. Even if you only have enough space for a (rocking) chair, a string of lights, and maybe a small rug and side table, you’ve got enough to create your own little slice of heavenly nature. 

Designing a peaceful home environment is a transformative journey that goes beyond aesthetics. It’s about creating a haven that nurtures your mental and physical health, providing respite from the chaos of the world. With science-backed design tips in hand, you can unlock the power to turn your home into a sanctuary of serenity. From decluttering to embracing natural elements, every small change can have a profound impact on your well-being. So, invest in your tranquility and let your home become more than just a dwelling—it can become a refuge, a sanctuary, and a constant source of rejuvenation. Peace begins at home.

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