It’s a new year, and more importantly, a new decade! This means new resolutions, goals, and design trends. Here are some essentials you need to know in order to get your home ready and “up to date” this year –

Living Room Table Decor
Mixing Styles – Mixing and matching to create a one of kind look for your space is a big trend of 2020. By blending old and new styles of decor, you end up with a unique and individualized space. Instead of being limited to one single style, your space becomes a mixture of styles, for example, a little bit of modern farmhouse with a traditional flare.
Floor Decor
Performance Fabrics – Performance fabrics such as Revolution, Crypton, and Sunbrella have been on the rise and are now the IT thing this year. These specialized fabrics change the way we live and function in our homes, and have proven that durable, cleanable fabrics can also be gorgeous and luxurious. When purchasing upholstered furniture, be sure to have them equipped with performance fabrics to make your life easier this year!
Coffee Table Decor
Warm + Vibrant Colors – Gray on gray has been on the decline since last year and will not be making a comeback in 2020. Warm and earthy colors such as terra cottas and browns will be more popular this year. People are going for a cozy, warm, and vibrant vibe in their homes rather than muted and structured.
Kitchen Room
Faux Marble Counter Tops – Because real marble requires so much maintenance, the trend this year is faux marble counter tops, especially in kitchens. With the durability of quartz, porcelain, and other man made materials, the up keep of real stone is something people would rather not deal with in their day to day lives. Getting the look of gorgeous marble without the risks of staining and etching is a win-win for home owners!