When designing and decorating a space, finishing touches are the key to making everything come together. Accessorizing is important because even the smallest details matter! Here are five must have items to mark off your accessory list and complete your space.

  1. Art. A piece of art is a great way to add a bold statement to a room or tie in a color palette.Background Décor
  2. Flowers. Greenery gives an organic and lively feel to a space. Examples would include a vase of flowers, succulents, or a large potted plant. If you don’t want the maintenance and care, there are some great faux plant options that still add vibrant energy and color. Table Decor
  3. Good hardware. Whether it be on kitchen/bathroom cabinets, sinks, or furniture pieces, elegant and sophisticated hardware will make any piece stand out and look more expensive. Drawer
  4. Pillows. Throw pillows bring necessary color and texture to your furniture and are an opportunity for fun patterns in your space. Pillows are an easy way to change the look of a room without spending a ton of money.  To keep spaces interesting, change pillows seasonally and, of course, for special events and holidays! Cushion
  5. Trays.  Add trays to ottomans, bar carts, beds, vanities – anyplace!  A tray is the perfect place to keep collections orderly, showcase special pieces or provide a tabletop experience to upholstery. Table Décor

Remember, details matter!  Not only are accessories important in creating a finished, polished space, but they are also a way to have fun and express your creativity and personality!