There is nothing more stunning than a LiveWall! This feature is a fun project as well as a gorgeous design focal point for your landscape. A LiveWall supports the environment by attracting songbirds and pollinators as well as naturally purifying the air. This LiveWall system was installed by a landscape architect and was the first ever LiveWall installed in Tupelo, MS. Below we will show step by step photos of the installation process!

Due to the size of this LiveWall, we worked with a landscape architect to spec out the positioning and design of the space. The LiveWall is fully self sustaining, complete with a self watering sprinkler and fertilizer system. An irrigation system such as this ensures equal distribution of water and less work for you once the wall is finished.

The metal structure for the LiveWall with a hidden self watering sprinkler system to keep the plants equally watered and fertilized on a timer system.
The sprinkler pipe is efficiently hidden behind an aluminum post, creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing design.

These planter boxes are being placed in the metal grids attached to the brick wall . They are easily removable for changing out plants throughout the seasons.

Picking out plants is the fun part! Last spring, this LiveWall was done using edibles such as rosemary, basil, strawberry and tomato plants. This year it contains non-edible plants and flowers. The best time for planting is mid to late spring to ensure that plants will last longer while avoiding freezing temperatures.

Removing the dead plants from last season and replacing them with fresh new plants

Now that all of the planters have been potted with soil, we just have to wait til the plants begin to bloom and grow!



A LiveWall gives you the creative freedom to play with new designs and plants each spring. We love how this year’s turned out! If you have questions about this LiveWall or any of our design projects, we’d love to hear from you!

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